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NVN is giving back by highlighting families who are currently fundraising for their adoption or hosting program of orphaned children from all over the world. Take a minute to read their bios and visit their fundraising sites.

Meet our Families


Banks Family:

Help us bring our "A" home to stay!
We are the Banks family!  We have four boys currently, ages 16,15,13, and 10.
In December we participated in an orphan hosting program.  We brought a 9 year old little boy into our family for Christmas.  We had no idea that we would form such an undeniable bond within just a few short weeks.  "A" fit into our family like the missing puzzle piece.  We are so happy to embark on this journey to bring him home!!
When we first looked at "A"s bio, we read that he had been bullied all his life due to the color of his skin.  As an inter-racial family, our heart strings were immediately tugged toward this handsome little face.  The more we got to know him, and his jokester personality, the more we realized just how well he fit into our family!  It is hard for us to imagine how this little charmer is still an orphan.  We know that he must be destined to be ours.
Please help us raise the remainder and bring him home to stay!

NVN Purchase Code: BNKSX7 Link: https://www.youcaring.com/carriebanks-748150?code=7f46b9d237a8872ee486cc57ba74d2b1dec2a5efcf2aba16c8


Cannel Family:

Ella Grace is from Bulgarian and is 2 years old. She suffers from EB, which is a rare skin disease where the collagen is missing that holds the skin together. The Lord called us to bring her home to be in our family forever and ever we are almost done with our home study, we only have our home visit left and then she will write our homestudy. We are also almost done with our dossier. Everything will be turned in by may 4th and we will travel our first trip to met her this summer. She should be home sometime before the years end.

NVN Purchase Code: CNLX13 link: https://www.youcaring.com/ella-grace-677618


Сhristian Family:

We met our precious K in 2015 when friends hosted him for the summer. We enjoyed having him over and taking him on family outings. It became clear God was calling us to adopt him, and we are thrilled to have this amazing boy become part of our family! We have hosted him three times- winter 2015, summer 2016 and winter 2016- and are prepping for his fourth visit summer 2017. Hopefully we will bring him home forever late fall 2017. It has been a joy and blessing to spend time with him during the hostings as we strengthen the bond and truly see him as family. We look forward to the day there are no more "see you laters" at the airport!

NVN Purchase Code: CHTNX6 Link: https://www.youcaring.com/phillip-and-angie-christian-428659


Zander Family:

Hi! We are Eric and Stephanie Zander.  We have been married for five years, are currently both teachers within our local public school district, and are so excited to be in the process of adopting our first child from Ukraine!  After living and teaching in Asia for two years early in our marriage and seeing what true poverty looks like for children, we both knew we were supposed to start our family through international adoption. We learned about the urgent need for families willing to adopt older children from Ukraine before they age out of the orphanage, and we immediately felt that was what we were being called to do; to provide a loving home and be a forever family to a child who may not have a future otherwise.  We are now preparing our hearts and home for our future child as we anxiously await the day that we are able to travel to meet him/her and bring them home to be with us forever. For more on our story visit our blog: yougrowinourhearts.blogspot.com.

NVN Purchase Code: ZNDRX3 link: https://www.youcaring.com/eric-and-stephanie-zander-543032