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Menopause is a time in life that every woman must go through.  It is not uncommon to ask the questions of “when” or “how do I know I am starting menopause”.   There are three stages encompassing your menopause journey:

  1. Perimenopause – This is the beginning stage of menopause, when your estrogen and hormone levels start to diminish. It lasts between 3 – 5 years and its onset is typically in your late 40’s.  Signs that you are experiencing peri-menopause include:
    1. Irregular periods
    2. Hot flashes
    3. Insomnia or restless sleep
    4. Night sweats
    5. Elevated heart rate
    6. Moodiness/irritability
    7. Vaginal dryness

During this time, it is still possible for women to get pregnant, so it is important to continue any birth control that you were previously using.

  1. Menopause – Clinically, you are in menopause if you have not had a period (menses) for 12 straight months, when there is an absence of other causes such as pregnancy, illness or medication. Typically, women will enter this stage in their early fifties (51 or 52).  Menopause symptoms include:
    1. Hot flashes
    2. Night sweats
    3. Insomnia
    4. Vaginal dryness
    5. Moodiness
    6. Hair thinning/Hair loss
    7. Fatigue
    8. Restless sleep
    9. Dizziness
    10. Memory lapse
    11. Brittle nails
    12. Incontinence
    13. Bloating
    14. Anxiety
    15. Weight gain
    16. Memory loss
    17. Joint pain
    18. Others
  2. Post menopause – During this time, they symptoms of menopause slowly decrease as the ovaries shut down. During this Stage, women are at higher risk of Osteoporosis and Heart Disease due to the diminished Estrogen in the body.

The three stages of menopause can last, in total, 12 – 14 years.